Settlement Rebate Agreements in Sap

Hi Zahid, Retroactive discount should work in the same way as ECC, but without VBOF app. For example, on February 1, 2018, a conditional contract will be created with validity dates from January 1 to December 31, 2018. When the next payment is made, it retrieves all the billing documents that are within the validity period. I hope this helps. I still have a few questions, do you know how advanced discount billing for indirect sales will work in S4H? Thank you very much for this Abhinav. Will you be able to share the configuration for this? I have now received the error message “No spreadsheets affected in Customizing. Check Customizing when executing the policy in WB2R_SC. I get an error message when I run the billing program. The process diagram for sales delivery in SAP ECC is shown in the following figure. After the creation of the remittance contract and the billing document(s), the VBOF transaction (or the SDBONT06 program) must be executed in order to update the corresponding sales volume in the discount contract.

Remittance is usually processed at regular intervals or at the end of the year. A VBOX index table is used to link discount invoices to reduce processing time. Finally, the discount contract is released for billing and subsequent billing creates a direct debit request and a debit note to the customer. How can we bulk upload existing agreements from ECC to S/4? I assign the remittance process to billing management – second, while I am billing the ZS01 condition contract, which is a copy of 0S01, I get the following error Does anyone have a setup guide? My discount condition is not retrieved in my sales order, but it allows me to add it manually. Would anyone know what the reason is? Can someone give the whole process of processing discounts from start to finish when they have to do what needs to be done, i.e. partial billing, manual invoicing and especially final invoicing If the sales document is already created before the contract was created, the discount would be provided as part of the invoicing process and the discount condition would be visible in the credit note that displays the amount correct accumulation on the respective accounts. It is therefore no longer necessary to resume the sales order. A condition contract is created in S/4HANA instead of a discount agreement, as shown in the figure below. The system now does not require the invoicing document to be updated in the delivery contract (condition contract) or in separate tables (such as VBOX as with ECC). The HANA database now has direct access to relevant (invoicing) documents and calculates the values of periodic invoices according to the period conditions of the business volume for condition contracts. Also note that no credit note request is created, which is another simplification.

The settlement document creates credit notes directly with the corresponding financial accounting documents. I use 0S12- Sales Discount Credit as the type of billing document and 0S10 as the type of billing process. The process I want to do is to reimburse customers. I have maintained the KUNNR field for determining the volume of business and it is set to Condition Contract. As far as I know, SAP was not able to receive/pay the discount based on the different VAT rates. If I create a discount agreement for a customer (for example. B a 1% discount for all products in material group “X”), dummy material for settlement, linked to the material group, would provide important data such as account allocation or tax determination. From a tax perspective, the different products in material group X could have different tax numbers, and SAP would only apply the tax classification from the settlement material. Therefore, we could not have divisions by tax codes. Is that how I explained it? Is there a solution for S4 HANA? Hello, I have a question about the transfer manager.

As soon as a settlement document has been created, the separation of the condition contract is transferred to FI and copa. We have a commercial requirement where we want to hand over the main department of materials to fi and copa during the invoicing process. Somehow unable to find the transfer group related to the material division. Can someone point me in the right direction? Question. How does the system keep track of invoices relevant to the processing of rebates? In addition to the conditional contracts for the sales discount (0S01), the S/4HANA 1909 version provided different types of sales scenarios with sales bonuses, commission, etc., as shown in the following figure. The same applies to supplier discounts (not shown in the image). The simplified discount flow on conditional contract sales in S/4HANA is shown in the following figure. The business volume is determined on the basis of the parameters of the state contract and the relevant data is read directly from the corresponding business documents such as the invoicing documents for the sale delivery. To implement this scenario in Billing Management. What types of billing documents should be used, is there a two-sentence process for customer billing [one deferral and one billing]? S/4HANA has simplified the processing of discounts with the Go to BP, in the Sales tab and Dist there is a checkbox for the management of the relevant billing….